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Ponies Unlimited mourns the loss of one of their greatest show horses, Victoria's Secret "Vicky"


Vicky was born April 18, 1984 in Maryland. Her registered name with the Jockey Club is Rollin Bidder but showed under the name, Victoria's Secret. She had brief race training, but never started. Her true call was show jumping. At the young age of 7, in 1991, she competed at the Grand Prix level. She then came to Donna fresh off the circuit. Donna was young at the time and had a new hot jumper on her hands. This was many years before Ponies Unlimited was established and she was the foundation horse for the company. They began showing in the hunters and equitation, then moved up to the jumpers. They showed in Amateur Owner jumpers before Vicky was injured in 1996. Due to the injury, Vicky was not allowed to jump higher then 4' again. So she took a break from jumping and in 1997, Vicky began showing in 2nd level dressage and did quite well, but she quickly got bored with that and returned to showing in the smaller jumper divisions. She was bred to Amazing Kiss (son of Spectacular Bid) in early 1999 but aborted her foal due to fertility problems. Then later in 1999, Vicky became part of the lesson/lease/show program. She was leased out to a wonderful junior rider that showed in hunters, equitation and of course the jumpers. They were a team from 1999 to 2003 and won a ton of blue ribbons and year end awards. In 2004, Vicky became a school master in Donna's lesson program. A favorite for all, she was only available to the most advanced riders. She showed and yet again won year end awards in 2004. Due to her advancing age, she was starting to loose speed in the jump-off's, so in 2005, the decision was made to retire her. She was retired in July, 2005, at the age of 21. In February 2010, she passed away from the infirmities of old age and the age of 26.

Summit Meeting "Bus" Feb 1, 1984- October 20th, 2008

Bus was born February 1st, 1984 in Kansas. His registered name with the AQHA is Summit Meeting. He raced Quarter horse in Oklahoma with a little bit of success. He had one win and one third in 1987 and 1988. His sire, Grand Alliance, is a Thoroughbred and his dam, Go Manette, is an AQHA mare. After his race career, he was taught to do barrels, team penning and work cows. He came to us in 2002 as a team penning horse. Shortly after he came, an ulcer was discovered in his left eye. He underwent two surgeries to correct the problem but he ended up blind in the left eye. Later on in the year he decided that he wanted a new career and would not do any cow work. We thought we would try to teach him to jump and see how he made out with one eye. He learned very fast and had no trouble getting around with one eye. He would soon jump a course of 2'9" with all lead changes. He has been jumping ever since, that seems to be what he wanted to do. He was put in the lesson program in 2003 and has been in since then. He has done leadline thru advanced work. At the end of 2007, the decision was made to retired him only because he has earned it, he is sound in both mind and legs. We would like to thank Lisa Milroy and her husband for adopting Bus in July 2008. On October 20th, 2008, Bus passed away in a freak paddock accident. He will be forever remembered and truly missed!!

Light Glider "Glider" May 26, 1992 - November 7, 2004

Light Glider was Vicky's half-sister, born in West Virginia in 1992. Shown here in 2002 with her only foal, Gliders Bid (who is now our standing stallion). Glider's life was cut short due to a fractured knee. We will miss her and look forward to seeing her only foal's offspring soon!

Be Wise " Butterfly" April, 22, 1992 - May 5th, 2012

Butterfly had a great racing career earning over $41,000 on the track. She was retrained and was a successful third level dressage horse. After an injury in 2003 she was retired and given yet another career, being a Thoroughbred broodmare as her pedigree was outstanding. She became the dam of 4 beautiful Thoroughbred foals. The first photo is with her last foal, Way Two Wise (2005) bred by Ponies Unlimited who turned out to be a racehorse. The second photo is her first foal Wise Report (2002) also bred by Ponies Unlimited, she was unraced but turned out to be a jumper and a broodmare. She produced the sweetest, kind and easily trainable foals. She was a part of Ponies Unlimited since the year 2000 and was taken way from us way too soon, she was only 20 years old. She will be missed and never forgotten!!

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